Thursday, April 14, 2011

Homemade Face Pack Time !

I love making this face pack - it's just ace. It's rather chilly on the skin if the yoghurt is fridge-cold, so maybe leave it to come to a warmer temperature.

Here's what you need

- lemon juice (fresh or bottled, it's the acidity that counts)
- natural yoghurt
- garam (chickpea flour)

Mix all of the above together until you have a thick paste, then spread it on your skin. Easy !

Leave it to dry on your skin. This can take quite a while. Wash it off in the shower or bath as it sticks pretty well.

As I get older I seem to have developed the skin of a rhino, but if you have sensitive skin do a little patch test first, or go easy on the lemon juice, as it's acid I imagine it could burn a more sensitive skin. A little like the time I used a tea tree face wash (from The Body Shop) on my face and was burned so badly that my eyelids peeled - owch! So don't take any risks with your skin.

This works in combination with the acid in the lemon and yoghurt and the coarse texture of the chickpea flour makes the face pack dry out drawing the impurities out of the skin.

Afterwards your skin will look and feel fresher, tighter and brighter, and the effect will last for days. I have even had someone comment on how good my skin looked after doing this (and believe me when I say that that doesn't happen often!)

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