Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcake's Carrot and Apple Juice

I must admit that I'm not really one for making drinks. However, I do appreciate a nice drink and lately I have been known to mix a drink more often than ever before. That said, this is one of Cupcake's creations and so it really should be featured on her blog, which you can find here: but she doesn't write on her blog often.

Cupcake has really been getting into cooking lately, and so for Christmas we bought her a bigger, better version of a cookbook especially for kids that she already had, and had already experimented with. It is called ... er... let me quickly scan the book shelf for it. Ah, yes... 'The Ultimate Children's Cookbook' and it's by, amongst others, Katharine Ibbs. Katharine Ibbs also wrote the first cookbook that Cupcake has been using, which is called 'Children's cookbook'. DK Publishing should rename themselves 'Interesting Names Are Us'.. Anyway, what could be more delicious than a lovely freshly pressed juice.

Fortunately, we bought a juicer a couple of years ago and used it quite a lot, and then stopped using it. I don't know which make of juicer it is, without hauling it down from the on top of the kitchen cupboards, but I do know (from bitter, bitter experience) that it has a number of joining bits, and is a cow to clean. Long after the juice is drunk, there's the darned job of cleaning the juicer. Nice. But, to be frank, if you don't have a juicer I don't really see how you could make this juice. I don't know anyone that has time to hand press apples and carrots, do you ???

Anyway, for my juicer-possessing buddies here's the recipe. The advantage of course is blah.. blah.. that the juice is really healthy, and actually it tastes pretty good too.

4 Apples
3 carrots
squeeze of lemon juice (optional)


1. Scrub the carrots
2. Cut the apples into quarters, and carrots into chunks.
3. Put them through the juicer with the appropriate vessel in place for catching the liquid - eg a jug.
4. Add a squeeze of lemon juice, stir and pour into glasses.
5. Enjoy ! And worry about cleaning the juicer later....

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