Saturday, September 25, 2010

Park Run - Banstead Woods

I have mentioned Banstead woods before and the weekly Saturday morning runs that are free and organized by Park Run - they are great - find your local run in the UK here:

Earlier this week I decided I would give this a go this Saturday, my 8th park run race actually. This week has been an odd week of running. Monday I didn't run as I was recovering from last Sunday, Tuesday I ran 4 miles, Wednesday I had the day off, Thursday it was really pouring with rain so I took a day off, and Friday was not quite so pouring with rain, so I ran the 4 miles through the woods anyway...

To cut a long story short, I did not beat my PB (Persnal Best) this time. I was 16th woman and 78th finisher out of about 145 runners. Previously I have managed to finish as 9th woman. Actually, I was actually quite pleased with 16th especially as I was fully aware that I did not run at my best.

Here are my reasons why I did not get a PB today, and how I can do better next time.

1) I skipped breakfast this morning - Biscuit Boy usually always makes me eat at least a piece of toast before a run, but this morning I decided to skip breakfast as I was only running 5K, I had a coffee and a couple of gulps of Lucozade Sport instead. Next time: I will make sure I have at least one piece of toast before I run.
2) I drank one glass of wine last night - Did this have a negative effect ? I'm not sure, but I think even in terms of hydration it has to be better to give the alcohol a miss before a race. Next time: I will drink no alcohol before a race, only fresh juice with water.
3) Yesterday, the day before the race, I ran 4 miles in the rain. - Next time: I will not run at all the day before a race, even if I missed the day before that, so I am fully rested.

You see the highs and lows of running ? My last post was all buoyed up because I won a prize, this week I am all depressed (except I'm not !) about being 16th woman and not getting a PB. As Biscuit Boy pointed out I was going to stop getting PBs at Banstead Woods at some point, and he is right.

The most important thing for me about running, regardless of positions and prizes, is that I bother to turn up at all and run on the day. I run because I can.

Tomorrow we are in Lydd, Biscuit Boy is doing Lydd triathlon. That means leaving the house at 0530am, so off to sleep now for me.

Good Night Everyone.

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