Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am ill

Last week whilst on holiday in France, I fell ill. When either Biscuit Boy or I go on holiday it seems that one of us is ill. Last time, it was his turn. This turn it's mine.. although cup cake started it all off by coming down with a sore throat the day we left for our trip.

So, I managed a few healthy, germ-free days, and then I came down with a horrendous sore throat .. followed by runny nose, achey head etc and did I have any meds with me ? No. Well, Nurofen, good for a headache.. but not much else cold-wise. So, I spent the rest of the week feeling OK and then not OK. The sore throat subsided but as me and a million other asthma/chest-problem people will know the illness 'moved south'. So, a sore throat and sniff turned into a lovely cough and wheeze, but I've had worse... So then I start sleeping badly keeping Biscuit Boy awake with my alternate coughing/snoring routine. Just what you need on holiday.

Now we're back, so I'm back on the blog. The car journey back was fine and yesterday was Ok too, I was still coughing and blowing the nose, but I figured I was over the worst and not so wheezy, so I went back to work today. BIG mistake ! Had the awful sick-inside feeling and felt weak 'as a kitten', blurry-eyed. ew... Lasted it out, and after all that, made the doctor's appointment for tomorrow ...


  1. Hello, Cookie Girl, and welcome to wonderful, frustrating world of blogging!

    We would love to know more about who you are, the real lady behind this good blog. How about filling in your profile on your blog, and a pic of you would be great too. It took us two years of shyness before we learned that important fact :-)

    Keep ploughing on!

    Best wishes,

  2. Wow ! What a lovely comment Danny. My second ever comment..d'you know how pleased it makes me to get a comment !! you know I did have a photo on here but I took it off.. BUT I am going to put it back on and update my profile (altho i thought I had already done that...note to self to check :o)) and I am going to add some lovely foodie photos too, and some not so lovely sporting photos. WATCH THIS SPACE !!!


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