Friday, April 16, 2010

Cupcake's birthday

Cupcake has had her birthday, she is nine today. I remember when I was nine, or two days after my ninth birthday as that was when my baby sister was born. When my sister was nine, and I then eighteen, I left home to go to university leaving her effectively as an only child, my brother having already moved in with his then, and 18 years later still, girlfriend. Nine is a funny age, still young child, but moving rapidly towards not so young child, a real time for testing your feet and getting to grips with your emotions. Cupcake will now come out with some incredible one-liners that are SO funny, she has that quality of hitting the nail bang on the head every time.

Birthday celebrations proper are tomorrow with a bowling party with school pals and then numerous family members over later in the afternoon. We celebrated tonight at our local indian where they know us, and treat us well.
Biscuit Boy joked that on Monday it would be back to 'Double Maths and Broccoli' after these few days of treats and DVD watching, and you know what, even though we did fit in a family swim today, he's not wrong there...

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