Sunday, March 2, 2014

Triathlon show 2014

We didn't make it to the annual  2013 triathlon show held at Sandown race course in Surrey, so it was great to be back there today for the 2014 show - it's been on my calendar for quite a while..
We got up nice and early so we could get there as soon as it opened.
Here are some reasons to go next year:
1) You can enter the 10km race. I entered a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.
2) You can see some new cool products. I bought a cool, innovative display for race medals. Our race medals were hung over a picture frame in the kitchen, which contains race photos. They looked ok, but sometimes they fell off. They look much better now, see the photo below. The slogan says 'Runner's kitchen' . I will put the sign up properly (at some point) but that's an improvement already if you ask me ! You can also get these signs custom-made with your own slogan. The owner is a lovely chap who has had this family business running for a year and  the web site is here:


2) New nutritional products 
I've always struggled with nutrition. Before, after and during a race, nutrition is very important. Jack Oat bar is a new product by an inspiration, innovative, new company.
The sample that I tasted at the Jack Oat Bar stand, was nice and moist and I mentioned that it tasted like a homemade flapjack, that's because it's made with only 5 ingredients, I was told. I've seen from the web site that I can buy the product on-line, and it is also available from some UK-based stockists. too. I wish them well with the new product, and I am looking forward to trying it before I head out for a run tomorrow.
Check out the web site here: It's available in cranberry, original and chocolate-chip flavours.

3) Discounted products
You can get some great show-only discounts. Many vendors offer end-of-line products and some genuine special offers are also available. We bought 3 pairs of trainers.

4) Training information
There are various seminars running over the course of the show. Today, we listened to a motivating informative talk by Joe Beer. If you don't know who Joe Beer is I suggest you take a look at 220 Triathlon magazine where Joe writes a regular column. Here's the link :

One thing I found amusing today was the assumption that it was BB that was interested in sport, rather than the female next to him - e.g. me ! I was also surprised that some of the vendors were unaware that triathlon is a growing sport amongst youths. CC did her first race at the age of 8 so nearly five years ago now.

Most disappointing was the chap at CompressSport who was not the least bit interested in why I might want to buy the product - the funny thing is that I was probably one of their first customers, and I have promoted the product ever since. I tried on various other Compress - type products today, but, it has to be said, that they are not as good as my CompressSport calf guards, but I didn't buy a new pair today..

All I would say is that you can never assume who your customer base might be...

Let's hope that everything that I saw, bought or learned today takes me one step closer to achieving my 2014 goal - Hever Castle half ironman

If you are interested in triathlon, I would highly recommend the show.

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