Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dusty Dog

Just for a change have had no time to blog of late, lots been happening, but not much cooking!

The marathon training is going well. The race instructions came out about ten days ago, so I had a little breeze through, and guess what? No MP3 players or i-pads allowed. Cripes! So, Sunday saw me pounding the streets for 17 miles sans musique! It wasn't too bad, as it happens, so I'm not too worried about it. The nutrition has been going well too. The gels provided at the race are of the 'GU' variety, so I am using them in training too, and they are going down well with a little water. I also got a new water hydro backpack thingy, it's a really little one which holds up to 1.5 litres, so it will be perfect for the marathon on April 1 (not long now!)

Other news, CC got her school results! She has a place in a really good, local grammar school. It's ranked in the top 20 in the UK, so I can breathe easy now. All of the hard work was worth it.

The biggest change though, is the addition to our family in the form of DD - Dusty Dog. Our little 18 month old lakeland terrier. He's from a rescue center, his previous owner couldn't give him lots of exercise, and I think he was home alone a lot, so now he's part of our family. He's a wonderful 'runner', today we ran up to school. It's about 3km and all flat. He has run 8km with me before and took it in his stride. I shall build him up gently to longer distances...

So, you know we have guinea pigs, right? Well DD has a big problem with the guineas, so they have to have a split-shift in the garden. Right now DD's sleeping off his run and walk in the lounge, while Sandy and Pebbles are in their run on the grass having a munch. I can't quite believe we've gone from being pet-free to having 2 guinea pigs and a dog..

Here's a little piccie of DD. Cute huh ?

Will add more photos in due course.

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