Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Friday Club

I came across this blog called Notes From Home and they have a cute thing called The Friday Club where you write about a certain subject once a week. It's meant for your child and this week it's called Things I want you to know about your Father you have to basically write 5 things for your child about their father.

So, this is for CC about my BB, her Dad...

1) Your Dad was not always a runner and triathlete! When we met he was a keen footballer, but that is it.

2) The relationship you have with your Dad is super-special. I am not as close to my Dad as you are to yours, and he is not as close to his other two daughters as he is to you.

3) Your Dad's favourite colour is blue.

4) Your Dad's favourite meal is lobster thermidor, but no one has ever made it for him.

5) Your Dad has kept all the little things you make him.

You also know he's my favourite person - as well as you. Go BB !

PS> Anyone reading this who does not usually read my blog: BB=Biscuit Boy and CC=Cupcake


  1. This is indeed my first time on your blog, via Friday Club. Lovely post and a great way to start getting to know your family :)

  2. Hi there, I am visiting from Friday Club. I love the fact that your man has kept all the things your daughter has made. I hope you have large storage for all the things to come!

  3. ew! Comments - I love getting commments ! Thank you liveotherwise and TheMadHouse for stopping by - I do indeed have large storage for all the things CC has made - indeed, we're overflowing !! All the best,Kg.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. Did you inspire BB to start running then? My husband is a triathlete but so far it has yet to rub off on me, although I live in hope!!

    Really lovely to get to know you and thank you so much for taking part in the carnival this week. xx

  5. Hi Ella, Thank you for stopping by! I think BB's love of biking and swimming was greater than mine, so triathlon was the perfect 'transition'for him from football. Transition? Ha! d'you get it ? The few triathlons I have done leave me completely exhausted - I truly don't know how they do it..

  6. If I got as far as transition I would stop there, completely done-in! I don't know how anyone does a triathlon. I am surrounded by triathletes in my family and I am in awe of them!!

  7. You should read my old post about the last triathlon I did - Hilarious - not in a good way...

    I'm doing my first marathon in less than a month - I must be mad. BB and I are sporty, and little CC but we don't know any other people who are particularly sporty..


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