Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moody Moo-ey

Sometimes I'm described as  moody, I prefer the term serious. Ha! I guess I don't mean to be moody and mostly I don't know I'm doing it. Mainly it's because I forgot to eat, and then I'll realise that I'm irritable because I'm hungry. This is a bit of a standing joke at home because even CC will say 'Mom, when did you last eat?' if she notices I'm a little short. Of course, this is met with even shorter shrift, when I reply 'No, I'm not hungry! Do your homework/piano practise/room/guinea pigs* (* Delete as appropriate). Other times it's because I've been up since 5.15am, had no down time all day and I'm just plain tired, and I expect myself to be able to keep going non-stop.

So, I thought I'd write a little whinge list of reasons to be merry and reasons to be a moody-mooey and we can see how we get on ...


1) Work - Being an entrepeneurial, creative soul it sucks if at work this creativity is stifled. I am also enthusiastic about stuff and a do-er, and whilst I know all this has to be managed when it is my creativity or enthusiasm being managed, well you might as well sit me in an empty, dark room because that is how it leaves me... Dead and dull, boring, doldrums.. not good.

2) Did an 8-mile tun tonight, on concrete. Not a fun route and has made me tired, and my knees ache.

3) The double glazing project started today. Yes, the whole house is upside down and covered in dust, and yes I still went to work today, and yes, I'm still going to work tomorrow and the next day. Enough said.

4) My dodgy guts. I've given up wheat. Today is day 3, I don't miss wheat at all. Trouble is, my guts haven't improved either.. How long do I give it? Another week, a month ?? What do I eliminate next ? A gut problem expert I am not !

5) Too much Brie and red wine on holiday has made the scale swing out of my favour just a little too far this time.

6. CC's 11+ training is still hanging around... only 4 weeks til the exams. I can't wait for it to be over, she has worked so hard. Seriously worried about what happens next with that.. probably too much so... but then that's what moms do, no ?

7) Despite rejoining the gym it is highly unlikely that I will get there any time before September..

8) You guessed it, I didn't eat yet.


1. The new windows are  beautiful, and the company doing them are fantastic. Highly recommended. Only 2-3 more days and they will all be finished - and then we can move house.

2. The veggies and rice and no alcohol means the scales are going down already. Yippee!

3. All of this running is making me feel very fit and I can see quite a difference in the toned-ness (is that a word?) of my upper arms and thighs - still a little jelly-like though...

4) At least I did re-join the gym at work - finally.

5) A three day weekend is coming up.

I could probably add to both of these lists all night, but the veggie stir fry is calling - yum! :o)

By the way, if you fancy a laugh read Warren Caterson's blog His latest post really made me laugh tonight - and that has to be a good thing !

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