Saturday, October 9, 2010

My French kitchen

When we went to France this year, we already knew we would be facing phase three of 'Project Kitchen - France'. We had already tried to start the project back at Christmas (yes, nearly a year ago !!!) but our plans were thwarted when the hire van that we were due to collect Christmas Eve just didn't happen - can you remember that far back ? Most of London was covered in snow or slush, I was nursing a most, completely horrendous cold and I remember having to get out of my sick bed to collect Biscuit Boy from the train station as he was travelling home by public transport - and not in the hire van !!! Man alive, we were m.a.d !

And so, the result of this was that the kitchen was taken over piecemeal, several units at Christmas (in our new car-not in a van), the washing machine and more cupboards at Easter, and the dishwasher and the rest of the units last month). Ironically, when we arrived back after taking the washing machine at Easter, the washing machine in the UK broke. Of course, guess what happened after we took the dishwasher out in August ? Yes, correct, the dishwasher in the UK broke - would you believe it ?? If it hadn't actually happened to me, I wouldn't believe it myself !!

Now it's nearly October. Over a period of two weeks in August we started and finished that kitchen. We're out there again later this month to fit the oven and hob in the chimney breast that once housed the wood burner. Actually, the hob arrived today ! Yippee !

Meanwhile, we are still finishing off the updates that we started to the kitchen here in the UK earlier this summer, and today Biscuit Boy started laying the wood for the floor that will be laid over the top of that. I am VERY excited by all this. I can feel that progress is being made in my favourite room of the house. Result !
PS> The kitchen cupboards came from Magnet (a UK-based company), the worktop was bought in France and the tiles were taken over from the UK too. Sockets were bought in France (obviously) :o) Oh yes, and the ceramic sink was bought in France, and the taps we took with us from the UK. (And yes, it felt like I did take everything but the kitchen sink !)

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