Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's not all about the food - what about the drink !

I usually read recipe books or anything that I can find out about food in general, and also food from other countries. It makes me happy. Although I have a great recipe book collection, not every recipe book is going to get a place on the bookshelf, so I will often get recipe books out of the library and then take them back !

On my latest visit to the library, I got out a book that is definitely worthy of a space on my cook book shelf. The book is called How To Drink and it is by Victoria Moore.  Here is a link to it here:

The reason I will buy this book, is that because as well as being informative, it also contains a lot of recipes for the various drinks, like making your own Mosco Mules. That sounds good to me ! The book does not just focus on alcoholic drinks, but also non-alcoholic drinks like coffee and tea. It also contains little titbits of information from other countries, like the fact that in Japan you do not pass food from your chopstick to someone else's chopstick (eg for them to taste). This is because after a cremation in Japan, a bone is picked from the ashes and passed.. yes, you guessed it, from chopstick to chopstick. I love these little nuggets of information.

Another more foody one like this that I was told concerns the way you place your french bread (baguette) on
the table at home. You always place it patterned side up, and never flat side up. The reason for this is that the flat side up was always the executioner's bread and that's how his was placed..

The book has also taught me that my bottles of vodka which currently live on my wine rack, should absolutely, definitely be in the freezer, so I will be rectifying that pretty soon too...

Enough said, a little plug for Victoria Moore, if you know next to nothing about booze and how to drink it, like me... Buy the book.

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